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Control Camisoles

Control Camisoles

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  • Seamless Control Camisole Style 4997

    Seamless Control Camisole Style 4997

    This cami gives the ultimate midriff control and bust support. It also flattens your tummy and shapes your waist, back, and hips.

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Control Camisoles: Get Your Top On

Have you ever worn a form-fitting top only to pull it off because the bulges just seem to pop under your shirt? Or have you tried on a sheer shirt but ditched it because the sheerness shows your bulging silhouette under?

If you answered yes to both questions, you need a control camisole.

Control Camisoles: Reasons to Get Them

Control camisoles are like tank tops – comfy, only with a lot more support and shaping capabilities. Made of restricted stretch fabrics, these control top camisoles are great for smoothing out midsection and back flab.

If you’re still not sold on the idea of control camisoles, here are more reasons to get them:

You get lifted, naturally shaped bust.
Most have built-in bras. And we don’t mean just any bra. Most control camis have molded cups and underwire to lift and shape your breasts for a perkier appearance.

Your midsection bulges disappear.
It may only be temporary but as long as you got your control cami on, your belly rolls and love handles are restrained and compressed for a smoother silhouette.

Your back flab goes bye-bye.
Those rolls of fat on your back disappear under a control top camisole. So you can wear your knits and clingy tops without looking like you have a lifesaver under them.

Your hips get streamlined.
With a control cami, your hips don’t jut out disproportionately from your body but are streamlined to contribute to a shapelier, curvier figure.

You can use them as a layering piece.
If you want to use your cardigan or jackets as a top, you can use these control camis as your base layer for a shapelier and more fashionable figure.

Check out our control camisoles in different styles and see how they can improve your shape.